At this stage we do not conduct studies and will be updated later

Training and qualification in Logotherapy – A two and a half-year study program including practical work conducted by Otsmot Institute the Viktor Frankl center for Logotherapy in Israel. Steering committee: Prof. David Guttmann, Mrs. Yehudit Millul, and Mr. Gideon Millul

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Courses on demand

  • Study workshops of up to 20 participants per group in a series of sessions. Each session is about 2-3 academic hours, once a week. These workshops can be conducted in the framework of intensive study days.
  • Series of lectures for a larger audience of participants. Each lecture consists of two academic hours.
  • Single lectures by request.
  • Private work according to specific demand.


Adapting to changes and positive thinkingPurpose: Develop the ability to adapt to changes.
Session Content: Facing environmental and personal changes, subjectivity, creativity, positive thinking as an operational skill, strengthening the forces and the personal power.
Facing situations of uncertaintyPurpose: Strengthening the ability to face unclear situations.
Session content: Freedom of choice and making decisions, expanding the number of possibilities and creating alternatives, facing non-predictive reality, taking responsibility for actions in life, embodiment of personal meaning and self value and an essential requirement.
Resolving conflicts with no winners and losersPurpose: To develop the skill of settling conflicts.
Session content: Background of conflicts and disagreements, subjectivity array, interpersonal communication, intentional behavior, managing conflict situations, principles and steps in the resolution process.
Bridging inter-cultural gapsPurpose: Creating a base for multi-cultural existence.
Session content: The personal cultural “bag”, processes in a multi-cultural meeting, prejudice and generalization – change of association, dealing with the other and the different, multi-cultural growth stages, mutual development.
Enrichment of couple relationshipPurpose: Strengthening and deepening the connection of a couple.
Session content: The position of the individual within the couple, development stages in coupling, understanding of the needs of each member, progressing the constructive dialog, cooperation vs. competition, crisis management, integrated growth process.
Communication within human systemsPurpose: Improve the interpersonal connection.
Session content: tight communication of the 21st century, communication streams, facing problems and communication blockage, active listening, my truth vs. your truth.
Embodiment of personal skills in an organization and in businessPurpose: Utilization of personal capability in a business and organizational system as a goal for profit.
Session content: Man and organization in an integrated approach, creation of change and reinterpretation, creating cooperation and feeling of belonging, removal of blockages and cultivating abilities, constructive thinking, developing leadership, encourage a discussion culture and drawing conclusions.
Strengthening the inter-generation connectionPurpose: Successful preparation towards building a continued way of life.
Session content: Retirement from work as a stage in life, the influence of retirement on day-to-day life, life with existing and changing reality, utilization of personal capabilities, “to grow old young”, creating life tasks.
Work with the elderlyPurpose: Optimization of quality of life among elderly.
Session content: Losses and limitations, locating what is, what exists and what possible, personal and social enrichment, creating alternatives, facing unwanted reality, meaning of life among elderly.
Training teams of workers with elderly peoplePurpose: Improving the personal ability and the system effectiveness.
Session content: Handling needs and difficulties, dealing with wearing out, unification and strengthening the team around operational tasks, practical tools and day-to-day operation, life with elderly populations.
Applied LogotherapyPurpose: To create the ability to find meaning in every stage in life.
Session content: The spirit of man as a motivating force, ways to accomplish meaning, freedom to choose, mental health and avoiding crisis, meaning of pain, eternalness in life, strengthening the personal sources of power, love as a multi-purpose therapy, from a victim of life to the captain of life.
How is a study program structured?

The target population and the requirements of the organizational systems set the subject of the study, the targets and goals of the studies, the study content, the study characteristics and the number of sessions. 
Therefore, every study program is unique and adjusted to its participants.
The knowledge and rich experience of years enable us to combine an efficient multi-disciplinary variety of several behavioral approaches, whose common subject is the positive and holistic relation for man in every aspect of his life.


The advisors are professional, veteran and experienced in working with individuals and groups in a variety of behavioral fields of human systems.
The advisors have an academic degree in the education sciences and educational counseling, and are senior advisors in the Adler Institute and advisory tutors and teachers who specialize in individual and existential psychology (Logotherapy).
The advisors have vast experience in varied populations in organizational, university, and private frameworks.