Gideon Millul - Personal Profile

Lecturer, consultant and a guide to individuals and groups on Logotherapy subjects, on finding meaning, locating and strengthening personal powers, adapting to changes, communication, interpersonal relationships (at work, in society and within the family), bridging multi-cultural gaps, coping with undesirable realities and with states of uncertainty, constructive and positive thinking, preparation for retirement, intergenerational relationships, issues concerning the “Third Age” population. He has founded and managed the Otsmot Institute since 1996.

Professional qualifications

  • Authorization and specialization in Logotherapy.
  • Qualifications for the supervision of group coachers.
  • Specialization in strengthening couples.
  • Additional qualification in individual psychology and participation in annual international summer courses.
  • Certified coach for the “Third Age” population – Adler Institute Tel Aviv.
  • M.A. in Education Sciences – Tel Aviv University.
  • B.A. in Political Science and General History – Haifa University.

Professional Experience

  • Many years of counseling, educational and instructional activity for groups and individuals in organizational, public, private and various academic environments [Gordon College for Education, Public health systems (Clalit and Maccabi Heath Services – Family doctors and social workers), Adler Institute, Open University, public and business organizations, Ministry of Construction and Housing, Municipality of Haifa, Institutes that deal with the “Third Age” population, the association for improving human relations and Kibbutz settlements], in conventions and congresses in Israel and abroad.
  • Work experience with various populations.
  • Years of experience and an instructional coordinator in a large shipping firm in fields of naval and managerial instruction (including developing managers).
  • Chairman of the board in the association for improving human relations.
  • Founder and manager of the “Otsmot Institute – Training and Counseling for Human Systems”.
  • Certified Naval Officer in merchant ships (cargo and passengers – final rank: First Mate)

Leading idea for professional activity

A comprehensive theoretical background, constant participation in conventions, congresses and international advanced studies, as a lecturer and as a participant, with the addition of rich practical experience over the years, allows us to create a highly important and unique interdisciplinary integration in working methods, with the aid of several behavioral approaches. Common to all these approaches is the positive and holistic attitude towards man throughout all the dimensions and periods of his life.
Our guiding principle in working with people that derives from an optimistic and constructive philosophy of life and from long years of professional contact with different people, is that every person has his own powers and abilities, and the aim is to help him find them, develop them, and make them flourish in a relatively short time by means of useful and strengthening tools and behavioral skills.
This is done with the intention to improve the quality of life, to develop abilities to face personal challenges in all life situations, and to direct man towards the discovery of his own meaning for life.

Experience at work

Our continued work in the field has granted us rewarding opportunities to conduct educational and instructive activities within different organizational, individual and academic frameworks such as: Gordon College; Clalit and Maccabi Health systems (for the staff and members of the health clinics, for the social workers and for doctors specializing in family health); The Open University; University of Pisa; University of Haifa; The Adler Institute; The Ministry of Construction and Housing; The Municipality of Haifa; several retirement homes and clubs for the elderly in Haifa, Migdal Ha-Emek and in the center of Israel; several kibbutz settlements (such as Ramat Yohanan, Kfar Massarik, Kfar Hamaccabi, Ein-Harod); ZIM and others. This is in addition to our active participation in international lectures, exhibits, forums and conventions in Israel and abroad.